We are part of the Neighbourhood House program funded by the Department of Human and Health Services. There are approximately 390 Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria. The Port Fairy Community House is part of the Victorian state peak body Neighbourhood Houses Victoria. We have a strong commitment to community development principles and practice.

Our Philosophy
Port Fairy Community House values a vibrant community that enriches lives through community connections.

Mission Statement
Port Fairy Community House undertakes to foster a receptive, open, community-based environment that contributes to the social, cultural and educational experiences of people in Port Fairy and surrounding districts.

Brief History

1980s: A group of parents began investigating options for childcare. They set up in the old cinema building with the Folk Festival Committee and conducted their first community survey. This resulted in a list of things that the community wanted to develop. For example the swimming pool and a local newspaper. The group assisted to advance these projects and set about establishing a childcare service.


1982: They group negotiated with Moyne Shire to take over the derelict Station Master’s cottage in Railway Place in exchange for taking care of its restoration.They scrubbed, painted, knocked out walls, installed plumbing and Port Fairy’s first childcare service began.

1997: The House began to offer adult education classes and joined Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE). Demand took off and soon additional space was required. With assistance from State Government, ACFE, Moyne Shire, Folk Festival and the Rotary Club the rest of the building was renovated.

2008: Funding from the Department of Planning & Community development (DPCD) meant we could rennovate again. This time adding an outdoor classroom and updating the computer facilities. The following year, with continuing suport from DPCD and Moyne Shire, we upgraded the old kitchen and built a reception area.