Port Fairy Women’s Weekend


August 25 & 26 – Early bird pricing

The Port Fairy Women’s weekend is a whole weekend to dedicate to yourself. The fee includes access to workshops and meals but not accommodation. Scroll down for more information.



Port Fairy’s Women’s Weekend: a weekend of wellbeing, run by the Port Fairy Community House. A women’s event to inspire, invigorate & nourish the mind, body and soul. By engaging in a series of diverse workshops and spending time together over shared meals, women have the opportunity to support and learn from one another, to make new connections, gain confidence, and develop new skills, all within a supportive and nurturing environment.

At this very reasonable price you will have access to workshops, morning and afternoon tea, lunch both days and a Saturday night meal. The bonus is you get to meet lots of lovely women. Accommodation is NOT included.

Indigenous Basket Weaving
Join Gilgar Gunditj women Sandra and Melissa in the ancient craft of basket weaving. These ladies will share their family stories of weaving with you as you learn the traditional method that their ancestors used.


Put some life into your drawing
Learn how to draw the human form in its various shapes and postures, We will create loose and expressive sketches with charcoal and pastel in a relaxed and fun environment using costumed models. Suitable for complete beginners or experienced artists.

Try your hand at the melodious handbells. A full set of beautiful musical brass bells. You don’t need any musical experience, you don’t need to use your voice but this is a very unique opportunity to make music.


A Cup of Groove – Magic for your Mojo Class!
Come along to a particularly special session of Missy B’s ‘A Cup of Groove’ freestyle movement class just for Women’s Weekend! Let your hair down, let off some steam and let out some good belly laughs to a great variety of songs without the pressure of having to keep up with any steps or anyone else!

Sound Meditation
Joanne will be leading the full group in a sound meditation that will soothe the soul. Experience this as part of the weekend and learn what this type of meditation can do for you.


Les Mills BodyBalance
Let’s melt together your favourite Pilates, Yoga and Tai chi benefits and overlay currently charting music that will make your body want to explore more movement or even have you singing along. This session will be fun and suitable for all abilities, as well as produce excellent results for body and well being.

Sewing basics and the benefits of boomerang bags
Learn the basics of sewing your own re-useable ‘boomerang bags’ using recycled materials, as a means to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and learn about the many ways you can reduce or replace your plastics use

Well Women: Pressing Pause
In the frenetic pace of life, when do we take time to press pause? This workshop is about taking time to press the “pause” button on our busy lives to reflect on various aspects of wellbeing. We’ll explore several areas of wellbeing including the stress response, mindfulness, self-care and ways to enhance wellness. No prior knowledge of concepts necessary for attendance. Returning in 2018, this workshop is about skill building, self empowerment and a time for women to reflect on their wellbeing in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

Ayurvedic cooking workshop
In this hands on workshop you will be introduced to Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) through food. Learn how to make chai, energy drink, ghee, mung fasting soup and Kichadi. Take the dosha quiz to find out your dosha. Discover how simple lifestyle practises can add vitality to your life. The dishes are vegetarian and gluten free.

A Conversation – what is sexuality and sensuality to Women in 2018?
Let’s have a conversation, together, as women of all backgrounds and ages about our sexual identities in this modern world. Let’s talk about our sexuality and sensuality, ‘unpack’ the ideas and what they actually mean to us instead of what is portrayed or expected today. An engaging session in a comfortable and relaxed setting where we can ask ourselves and each other, do we feel like we’re embracing this important part of being a woman, as we strive to achieve the best from life?

Confidence – how to get it, live it and radiate it! 
Karen is back this year with a new workshop. Karen has a personal interest in working with women to help them achieve their professional/business goals with a big focus on self care. Her mission is to help women step into their true power to become the best possible versions of themselves.


Self Shiatsu – We all deserve to feel happy, well & peaceful

Shiatsu is a form of body massage that is a safe and reliable pain relief treatment without using drugs to restore harmony and energy to yourself and others. This method can be applied easily, quickly and pain free by following simple techniques and procedures which can be learnt and practiced even by children.


Ayurvedic medicine food & seasonal eating regimes for greater health and wellbeing.

Explore why eating seasonally is so important for our long term health with local Ayurvedic Practioner, Osteopath, Yoga and Medical Qi Gung Practioner Dr Haidee Benning. Learn how, what and when to eat to enrich your nutritional habits and general wellbeing, based on thousands of years of traditional eastern medicine for resolving illness and maintaining optimal health.



Salwa runs The Ministry of Feng Shui (Effortless Living) teaching the pure method of Feng Shui not the commercial knick knack variety. She will talk about how this ancient method can be used personally, in your home, the environment and business.

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