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  • Winter Weekends

    Art of Creativity

    July 20th

    In this workshop we will develop an artistic vision.  No matter how big or small our creative intentions and goals, this workshop will provide some practical awareness around what we need to do to achieve them.


  • Winter Weekends

    Beach Detective

    Sunday 9th June

    Beach detective.

    We will be searching for seaweed, shells, crabs and anything else interesting we happen to find. Once we bag the treasures together we will work out what they are and where they have come from and what they might be doing.

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    Mandala Workshop

    June 22nd 
    Learn about Mandala and make your own unique colourful creations.  Price includes all materials.

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    Sand Sculptures

    July 7th 1.00 – 3.00

    In this user friendly workshop you will learn to create fantastic sand sculptures. All tools and materials are provided.